July 21, 2021

Conlon Construction receive ISO Accreditation

As part of our ongoing development and streamlining of management systems and practices, Conlon Construction were very proud to be awarded a number of ISO accreditations on 19th July 2021. We were keen to work towards internationally recognised management standards so that our clients can have the assurance that our practices and management are  to the highest industry standards and are robust and consistent.  

ISO 9001 - This improves managerial efficiency and reduces cost of operation. It promotes business best practice and helps us organise and manage our processes, documents and records, clearly defines management responsibilities. In these more challenging times the practices allow Conlon Construction to manage resources effectively which benefits costs and our environmental responsibilities.

ISO 14001  - Is the internationally recognised standard for environmental standards. This is only the first step Conlon Construction have taken to improve our environmental performance and legal compliance.  Our clients can have peace of mind that we have taken all of the necessary steps to ensure our practices are fully compliant with all legal standards for environmental impact and that we as a company care about our impact on our environment. 

ISO 45001  - is the international standard for occupational health and safety management. As a company Conlon Construction are committed to protecting the physical and mental health and safety of our team. We have implemented a robust occupational health and safety management system and are fully engaged at all levels of our company to taking an active role in occupational health and safety.

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