THE JAilhouse

belfast city centre

As part of the redevelopment of the former McCracken’s licenced premises. The Jailhouse was an historic Belfast building which was the last holding place of Henry Joy McCracken before he was hanged in Cornmarket in 1798.

The building which is now Jailhouse was one of the oldest remaining structures in Belfast and had long since became derelict. The task Conlon Construction faced was to maintain the original brick walls, beams and windows on every floor while creating a modern and functional entertainment space.

As a long established and respected bar McCracken’s Bar was redeveloped at a cost of over £1 million and along with the connecting Jailhouse added an exciting new dimension to the social scene in the heart of Belfast which links the burgeoning and bustling life of the 17th century with a thriving City Centre of the 21st.

Working within listed building status and complex logistical challenges the Conlon construction team delivered a new icon of Belfast to one of the oldest spaces in the city.
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